Build Your Brand with Outstanding Customer Experiences

  • Stand out from the competition with a customer-centric approach

  • Align your entire culture along customer needs and expectations

  • Generate revenue and referrals through incredible experiences

  • Define organizational best practices for employees and management

Evaluate your organization through the eyes of the customer.

Experiential Research

Learn exactly what customers experience when working with your business to make sure that that their experience matches your vision.

  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer walk-throughs
  • Observational research

Touch-Point Assessments

Optimize every customer interaction to ensure that you’re constantly reinforcing your brand and delighting customers.

  • Contact center assessments
  • Website analysis & optimization
  • Communications assessments

Customer Feedback

Revenue begins and ends with customers. We bring their voices into your conference rooms to help you make better decisions.

  • Loyalty surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Depth interviews

Customer-based best practices for the entire organization

Most employees and managers want to excel. They simply don’t know how. Our approach uses real-world customer feedback to provide the direction your team needs to enhance performance, helping you to grow revenue and build your brand.

We start with customer research to help us visualize the ideal customer experience. We redefine the processes and roles of the organization to deliver that vision. Then we measure progress, and help you inspect and coach to ensure consistent improvement.

All of our best practices are developed by identifying the behaviors of the top performers in your organization, ensuring that all of our recommendations are proven and field-tested.

Training Done Right

Our training programs are transformative because we share the voices of actual customers with employees, allowing them to understand how their every word and action shapes customer perceptions.

  • Workshops

  • Role-playing

  • Live discussions

  • Training videos

Once employees hear the voice of the customer, they can empathize with the customer experience, motivating them to do better and helping them to embrace new behaviors.

Ongoing measurement to ensure optimal execution

Change doesn’t happen overnight. Once we have benchmarked the current customer experience and defined the ideal customer experience, we start tracking progress.

We deliver ongoing metrics to ensure that your team is working toward our ultimate vision, and to provide ongoing feedback your managers can use to train and coach.

Management tools to lead and inspire employees

  • Effectively train and onboard employees

    Managers will be able to reinforce training efforts through day-to-day conversations

  • Inspect

    Clearly defined behaviors for each role

  • Coach

    Managers know how to help employees improve

  • Provide a nurturing structural environment

    Managers create an environment where employees are eager to improve

The White Clay Difference

  • A total focus on improving revenue by delivering incredible customer experiences

  • Fully integrated services that leverage customer insights to drive innovation

  • Proven track record of implementing positive change at multiple organizations

  • A valued partner that can synthesize all your data into actionable improvements

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