How Banks Win in Tomorrow’s Market

  • Know customers’ profitability on a risk- and capital-adjusted basis

  • Drive team performance through transparency, accountability, and coaching

  • Understand how customers are using products and services

  • Align strategies to indivdual bankers' performance and success

White Clay’s solution gives you exactly what you need.

Our Solution

We consolidate all your data into one view of the customer.

We combine client and product information from your source system and ancillary systems, and load it into a cohesive database.

We transform the information into one simple experience.

Our solution includes a system called BSE, the Banker Sales Environment. Powerful and easy to use, BSE puts vast amounts of information right at your bankers’ fingertips.

Our software gives bankers the tools they need.

  • Sales

    See at a glance how opportunities are advancing through your sales process.

  • Client Profitability

    See the profitability of each account and each client, capturing revenue, risk, capital, and expense.

  • Client Behavior

    Predict how clients will respond to fees, offers, and changes based on the way they already use your bank.

  • Sales

    Expand your book of business to define and teach the habits that yield growth.

  • Banker Incentive

    Align banker incentive with client and shareholder performance.

  • Relationship Management

    Manage clients through their life cycle. Ensure solutions evolve with clients’ needs.

  • Relationship Pricing Tools

    Ensure optimal profitability by effectively pricing relationships, including loans, deposits, and fees.

  • Cross-Sell Tools

    Own more of your clients’ full relationships, and actively manage attrition.

  • Management Reporting

    Coach your team using information you can access when and how you need it.

We empower bankers to effectively execute their process.

Software is a powerful tool, but we know that real revenue improvement happens between a banker and a client.

Our solution includes a simple yet effective end-to-end sales process that is proven to drive results. By furnishing structure and discipline, we ensure that bankers are best prepared to succeed, and that the organization continuously evolves.

Our process defines successful banker behaviors.

  • Business Development

    Do bankers have a robust pipeline of potential client relationships?

  • Solutioning

    Do new clients have a full relationship that is priced appropriately?

  • Onboarding

    Do we successfully transition the entire relationship within 90 days of opening?

  • Relationship Management

    Do we actively manage our existing clients? Are the bank and client both realizing value?

  • Measure, Inspect & Coach

    Do managers and bankers regularly discuss the information from the questions above?

We provide training and ongoing education to ensure results.

  • Evolutionary quarterly in-person classroom training for bankers

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions for sales team and management

  • Quarterly review with Executive Management

  • Live support for all software, process, training, and business questions

We deliver guidance and opportunity analysis to maximize impact.

White Clay will be your partner throughout the process, providing insight and expertise along every step of the way. We guide banks through the cultural and business evolution to ensure shareholder return. We analyze banks’ portfolios to identify opportunity projects, and we’ll also track gains to quantify your return on investment.

The White Clay Difference

  • Our goal is to ensure our banks win, not just to install software.

  • We run and manage the software environment within your firewall.

  • We implement the software in three months with minimal disruption.

  • Our clients experience a 500%+ ROI.

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